What’s This All About?

I wanted to start a website to pass on to others what I have learned to get into, get answers, or just generally learn more about the “cloud”.  My career has always put me at the cutting edge of tech and now I am using the cloud, and have been for a few years.  This site, a blog using Amazon’s Lightail service on a WordPress stack, will hopefully serve a purpose to those that want to advance their cloud knowledge.  To speak specifically about it, I use AWS 99% of the time for my work and personal use.  There will be some articles on here that are out of scope from that but I hope that this information is useful to someone out there.  I am trying to get my co-workers and some others to post up some interesting content.  I am still setting this site up, so bare with me.  If you are using the cloud for a mostly Microsoft Windows environment, please check out my friend’s blog: http://cloudywindows.io.  His name is Darwin, and he is ridiculously smart.  I run many Windows stacks at work, but he’s got me beat on a blog by miles.  I will also try to nab the Twitter handle bafflerio so you can get updates when I, or anyone, post something new.

Until then, I am (*still*) working on a post on how to set up Sublime to create CloudFormation templates.  JSON/YAML, snippets, and the whole shabang.  Yes, we will be diving in head first.

Happy rain making.


LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-dixon-42717752  (I go by my shortened middle name.)

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